Thursday, 2 August 2012

Shaggy Christmas Wreath

Last night I finished my latest project of a Shaggy Christmas Wreath.
The wreath is made by shaping a metal coat hanger into a circle, don't cut the hook off.
I then cut 1 inch by 6 inch length of material and tide them close together on the hanger.
I then cut 1 large star and 2 small stars, used my sewing machine to embroider snowflakes on them, sewed and gently stuffed them.
Thee hearts are all the same size and I sewed a button in the centre of them.
Attached the stars and hearts to the wreath. I sewed them on but you could hot glue them.
Forgot to say that for the hook I attached double sided tape to 2 of the cut strips and wrapped them tightly round.
If you struggle with anything please contact me.
Thank you for looking

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